Серия SP 200

SP212 - принтер за моно печат без автоматичен нож
SP216 - принтер за червен/черен печат без автоматичен нож
SP242 - принтер за моно печат с автоматичен нож
SP246 - принтер за червен/черен печат без автоматичен нож

* Надежден принтер за касови бележки
* Скорост на печат 2.5 реда/сек.
* Висококачествена и надеждна печатаща глава и механизъм
* Интегриран захранващ модул

Printer Method Serial Impact dot matrix 7-pin
Number of Columns 42 @ 16 cpi,
35 @ 13.4 cpi
Print Speed Approx. 2.5 lines/sec.
Print Direction Bi-directional
Font Configuration 7 x 7 or 9 x 7
Dot Spacing 0.316(H) x 0.423(V) mm
Character Size 1.28(W) x 2.87(H) mm (7 x 7, 16 cpi)
1.59(W) x 2.87(H) mm (9 x 7, 13.4 cpi)
Character Set ASCII, IBM Set #2
International characters
(contact Star for additional character sets)
Print Area 66mm
Paper Feed Method Friction
Paper Feed Speed Approx. 9lines / sec., 1.5 inches / sec.
Line Spacing 1/6 inch
Roll Paper





Roll Diameter
Normal or carbonless copy paper
76 +/- 0.5mm (3.0")
One ply: 0.07mm - 0.10mm
Original + 1 copy: 0.05mm - 0.08mm (1 sheet)
Original + 2 copies: 0.05mm - 0.08mm (1 sheet)
Total should be less than 0.2mm
85mm (3.35")
12 +/- 1mm
Paper end should not be glued to the core
Inked Ribbon SP212/242 Ribbon cassette purple (2.2 million chars.) RC200P
Inked Ribbon SP216/246 Ribbon cassette red/black RC200BR (0.3/0.6 million characters)
Option: black ribbon cassette RC200B (1.2 million characters)
Interface Serial RS232C or Parallel versions
Data Buffer Approx. 1Kb
Printer Reliability 2.5 million lines MCBF
9 million lines Calculated Real Time MCBF
Head Life 75 million characters
Autocutter Life 300,000 cuts (SP242/246)
Power Supply 230v, 50Hz
Power Consumption Max. 24W
Operation Conditions 0°C to 50°C, 10% to 80% RH (w/o condensation)
Storage Conditions -20°C to 70°C, 5% to 95% RH (w/o condensation)
Dimensions SP212/216 158(W) x 234(D) x 193(H) mm
Dimensions SP242/246 158(W) x 239.7(D) x 193(H) mm
Weight SP212/216 Approx. 3Kg
Weight SP242/246 Approx. 3.4Kg
Special Features Semi-automatic paper loading
Windows 95 Driver available
Peripheral driver for cash drawer